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stalking gredos ibex rececho cabra gredos chasser chevre

This time we were going to hunt a female goat in Gredos.

Although the hunt was not for a Gredos Ibex trophy stalk, the fact of hunting in Gredos already makes it a great hunt.

We met early in the morning but the rain and fog made it impossible to start hunting. It was not until 2 o’clock in the afternoon when the day cleared up and we could start stalking.

After a beautiful stalking in Gredos, we located this very old goat, and Nacho was able to take it with a perfect shot.

After removing the meat and the trophy, we returned to the car after having enjoyed a great day of hunting in Gredos and with an unforgettable goat stalking.

Date: October 20th. 2022
Gredos – Spain

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