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hunting gredos ibex with the bow hunting in spain

We arrived at Gredos to bowhunt a Medal class Gredos ibex with bow and arrow.

Hunting a Gredos ibex in spring with a bow is usually a little easier, although with the bow you always have to fight a little more.

We started walking at dawn, taking advantage of the cooler times of the day when the animals move a little more.

We were hunting in Gredos Natural Park, which is the best hunting area for bowhunting in Gredos. Little time passed until we had the first opportunity with a trophy class Gredos ibex, but it was still young so we kept looking.

When we had been walking for half an hour, we saw, although still a bit far away, what would be our target. A medal class Gredos ibex with many years, 15 as we could see once hunted.

After a perfect entry up to 30 meters, the nerves played a bad trick on the hunter, who missed it and the Spanish ibex fled although it did not know very well what had happened.

After observing him again, we made an entry that allowed us to shoot him at 20 meters and this time, the hunter made a perfect shot.

After a short tracking we got to the animal. A Gold Medal Gredos ibex bow and arrow, and so we put an end to a great bow hunt in Gredos Natural Park.

Bow hunt in Gredos Natural Park
Spain 2024


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