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mountain hunting in spain beceite ibex

This would be the last hunt in Beceite until the fall season.

We picked up the three hunters and friends from the airport and headed to the hunting area.

We had 3 days to hunt 3 Medal Class Beceite Ibex. And then we would travel to Gredos to hunt a Gredos Ibex with a bow.

The first morning the rain helped us a lot, because after so much time without rain, the animals were very active, and we managed to hunt two male beceite Ibex.

At midday, as it was already hot, we took the opportunity to enjoy the typical Spanish food and rest after getting up early.

In the afternoon, as soon as we went out to the mountain, there was already a lot of movement of animals and we soon found what was going to be our objective. A Bronce Medal Beceite Ibex.

After a perfect entry up to 200 meters, we managed to shoot it. The shot was a bit behind but after waiting a while, Brezo, our Bavarian hound, managed to find him in a few minutes.

Great mountain hunt in Beceite achieving in only one day our goal of hunting 3 Beceite Ibex Medal Class in Spain. It was an awesome mountain hunt in Spain.

Although the situation with scabies in Beceite is very worrying, we still have areas free of the disease!

Beceite – Teruel
Mountain hunts in Spain 2024


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