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hunting gredos ibex cazar macho montes en gredos

The spring season is always a good option for hunting ibex in Spain in Spring.

The grass that starts to grow in the lower areas forces them to come down more than usual, making things easier in most cases, although it is also a good time to search the summits for those spanish ibex that are reluctant to come down.

Spring is undoubtedly a good time both for those who are looking for more physically accessible hunts and for those who are looking for something more demanding and prefer to forgo the groups that are lower down and climb to the top of the tops.

On this occasion, we had barely started walking when we saw a group of 20 animals, and the hunter liked this beautiful silver medal Gredos ibex, so he decided to shoot it.

One more successful hunt, maintaining the success rate in 100% of the hunts with our hunters.

Hunting in Gredos – Spain


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