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By 22 de August de 2022June 19th, 2024Hunting Experiences, Wild Boar
blinding wild boars in spain espera de jabali

Taking advantage of the fact that the wild boars were doing damage in a cornfield, we sat down in the afternoon to enjoy blinding wild boars in Spain

As the evening fell we began to see some roe deer and red stags that were taking advantage of the fact that it was getting less light to go out to eat.
Already at night, we began to hear the noise of the grass and soon we saw that it was a herd of wild boars in which there was a single female that we could throw.

As they were coming in our direction and we had the air in our face, we waited until they were close and after a perfect shot we shot the animal, from which we took advantage of the meat and contributed to reduce the damage to the corn.


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