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hunt silver medal gredos ibex gon

This time we were going to Gredos for a Silver Medal Gredos Ibex.

As soon as we arrived to the hunting area, we knew that enjoying was guaranteed, as it was a sunny day, with perfect temperature for stalking ibex.

When we had walked 5 minutes, we started to see the first ibex. They were young bucks and females, but only the fact of seeing this animals made that the morning could not star better.

After 3 hours stalking and enjoying of Gredos, the landscape and the animals, we saw a nice buck that seemed like what we were looking for.

After 20 minutes approaching, we finally shot it and it was a really nice way of finishing the hunt. An awesome high silver medal Gredos Ibex.

Another succesful hunt and another hunter that leave Spain so happy.

Date: March 2023
Gredos – Spain


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