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hunting ibex in gredos spain hunts in spanish mountains

It was threatening a cold and sunny morning in Gredos mountains.

After leaving the car on a road and taking a path that went along the top of the mountain, we started to see Gredos Ibex and Gredos goats.

We were seeing a lot of terrain so we were able to see about 40 Gredos Ibex from here. We took our time observing them until we decided which one we wanted to shoot.

It would take us about an hour to get into him but he was calm and in an area where he was controlled.

After a beautiful entry approaching the lower part of the valley, the hunter shot it and the animal died instantly.

A beautiful Gredos Ibex. It is always a pleasure hunting in Gredos Mountains because of the beautiful landscape and the amount of animals that can be seen while hunting.

Gredos Mountains – 2023


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